Trezor Model T review – Compared 3 alternatives

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In this article consists of Trezor Model T review which is the latest cryptocurrency hardware wallet from the SatoshiLabs who is the oldest and pioneer of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet production. Anyone seriously considers the cryptocurrency wallet security, the solution is using the cryptocurrency hardware wallet such as Trezor Model T, Trezor One, Ledger Nano X, Keepkey, etc where private key stored in a hardware wallet which never leaves the device.

Trezor Model T review consists the product unboxing, how to set up the Trezor Model T, managing wallet funds, product and security features of the Trezor Model T, Trezor Model T pros and cons, Trezor Model T alternatives and frequently asked questions. Let’s dive deep into the Trezor Model T review.  

Trezor Model T review- company overview

SatoshiLabs is based on the Czech Republic, created back in 2013 help of successful fundraising event and next year first secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet was produced which is Trezor One that is still functional, supported more and more coins. Trezor Model T is second, feature-rich cryptocurrency hardware wallet released back in 2018.

What is the inside of the Trezor Model T package?

SatoshiLabs will send you the Trezor Model T package within a few days if you are ordered one. Basically It contains 6 items which are,

Trezor T review unboxing

1x Trezor Model T device with a holographic seal on the port of the connection

1x Type C USB cable which is used to connect the device with a computer or smartphone.

1x Trezor Model T user manual, which consists of the short guide of the device, warranty and how to set up, etc.

1x Magnetic dock, this can be used to stick your device safely somewhere else.

2x Recovery seed card sheet which can be used to write down your recovery seed generated during the Trezor Model T setup process

4x Trezor stickers

Make sure package, not damage or seal merged. If you have any issue regarding the ordered package, immediately contact the Trezor support team.

Let’s setup Trezor Model T connection with compatible PC, macOS or smartphone.

How to setup Trezor Model T

First, you should connect your device to computer or smartphone using USB type C cable. 

There are 4 ways to access Trezor Model T wallet,

  • Trezor bridge that supports Chrome and Firefox.
  • WebUSB that is port for but only supports the   Chrome
  • Trezor manager for Android which is an app
  • Offline with a command-line tool

Trezor recommends the Trezor Model T connects through Trezor bridge software available for Windows, macOS.

Here are the major steps to set up your device with any of the above methods.

01.Connect your device with a computer, smartphone

02.Install the latest firmware on your Trezor Model T device

Default, Trezor Model T comes firmware preinstalled but not recommends the using old firmware instead of installing the latest firmware from the Trezor wallet website or Trezor bridge. After installing the latest Trezor Model T firmware, you should unplug your device and plug again for further setting up.

03. Create a new wallet in Trezor Model Tdevice.

Now refresh the Trezor wallet web page, immediately you will the welcome then simply click on create a new wallet. After creating the wallet, you are able to use for general proposes but to ensure the Trezor Model T wallet security go further these 4 things.

  • Make wallet backup and write down recovery seed safely somewhere else.
  • Create new pin code
  • Name your Trezor Model t device
  • Bookmark the Trezor wallet web page.

Here is the complete Trezor Model T set up guide by CryptoDad,

How to send, receive Bitcoins with Trezor Model T

How to receive funds into your Trezror Model T?

As you can see there is no transactions happened yet on the main dashboard.

Trezor Model T bridge dash board

First, select the Bitcoin or any altcoin you want to receive, then click receive button on the middle of the main dashboard.

Next, Trezor Model T will generate the new wallet address as alphanumerical text or QR code.

Trezor Model T review receive address

Next, you need to confirm the address on the device screen and the main dashboard, both address should be similar.

Now you can use the newly generated address to receive funds into your Trezor device.

How to send Bitcoin out from the wallet?

Make sure your Trezor device is plugged, then go to the web dashboard click send tab.

Next screen paste designation address (Bitcoin receiver’s address), amount and select the suitable transaction fee then click send button.

Trezor Model T review send bitcoin

Next, you should confirm the transaction on your Trezor Model T screen. Here you can see the designation address and amount on the device screen.

Trezor Model T send Bitcoin

After the transaction was done, you will the transaction on the main web dashboard under the transaction tab. The first time it will be unconfirmed after few minutes it will be confirmed. If you want to check the transaction status you need to view the Bitcoin explore or any altcoin explorer. 

Trezor Model T supported coins

Trezor Model T currently supports more than 1000+ coins which including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Binance coin, Tether, Stellar, Dash, Tezos, Chainlink, MakerDao, Dai, etc. You can see all supported coins through this link.

It supports the ERC 20 token wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Mycrypto, Metamask, etc.

Trezor Model T Product features

Trezor Model T consists of innovative features which are never integrated with Trezor Model T alternatives. Let’s find out what are exciting thins available in latest Trezor Model T device.

Full-color touch screen

Trezor Model T built with amazing big full-color touch screen compared to the Trezor Model T alternatives such as Trezor One, Ledger Nano X, etc. The full-color touch screen shows every detail going on the device where any transaction confirmed through the touch screen.

Trezor Model T backup and recovery

You can generate the recovery seed anytime but it recommends to generates the recovery seed within the get started the process. Don’t forget to keep the recovery seed safely somewhere else and don’t share the recovery seed with anyone.

Trezor Model T security features

Trezor Model T brings default hardware wallet security with additional amazing features,

Pin entry code can be set to allow to grant authority to new session access here pin code should enter on the device where he pin code avoids any physical attack on your device.

A password manager can be used to grant various web service access with master password where the password can be stored in secure encrypted storage on cloud or on device micro SD card.

It contains advanced security features such as Passphrases, SSH, F2A authentication, etc.

Trezor Model T pros

  • Full-color touch screen
  • Great security features
  • Premium customer supports
  • 1000+ coin supports

Trezor Model T cons

  • Expensive device compared to Trezor Model T alternatives
  • It is a physical device, can be lost or broken.

Is it worth to buy – device price

Trezor Model T price is about 149 EUR but It comes with amazing new innovative features such as full-color touch screen, micro SD card, password manager, and few of new security features.

Already Trezor Model T supports more 1000+ coins and perfectly work with decentralized exchanges, free wallets, and Instant cryptocurrency exchanges such as Changelly.

According to above facts Trezor Model T is worth to buy but if you are a beginner and want to test out hardware wallets, your choice may differ and you may buy Trezor One or Ledger Nano S which are affordable.

Trezor Model T alternatives comparison

There are few Trezor Model T alternatives such as Trezor One, Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Keepkey, and Cool Wallet S, etc. But Trezor Model T has unique features other than alternatives. Let’s find out differences with a little comparison.

Trezor Model T Vs Trezor One

 Trezor Model TTrezor One
Price149 EUR59 EUR
Coins supported1000+1000+
Backup and recovery seed, Pin codeYesYes
DisplayFull color touch screenMonochrome screen with two buttons
Storagemicro SD card + Encrypted cloud storageEncrypted cloud storage
PC, smartphone connectivityUSB type CMicro USB
Customer supportExcellent Excellent

There are so many similar services contain both devices but There are existing features come up with Trezor Model T.

One of the major difference is Trezor Model T consists of the full-color touch screen with a larger screen but Trezor One consists of the monochrome screen no-touch feature but Trezor One contains the two buttons.

Another thing is Trezor Model T contains the micro SD card slot but Trezor One does not include micros SD card feature.

Trezor Model T Vs Ledger Nano X

 Trezor Model TLedger Nano X
Price149 EUR119 USD
Coins supported1000+1100+
Backup and recovery seed, Pin codeYesYes
DisplayFull color touch screenFull color screen
Storagemicro SD card + Encrypted cloud storageNo
PC, smartphone connectivityUSB type CPC connectivity with USB type C
Smart phone connectivity with Bluetooth
Customer supportExcellent Excellent
BatteryNo8 hour in standby mode

There are many similarities such as 1000+ coins supported, full-color screen, backup, and recovery method, etc.

Trezor Model T consists of full-color touch screen, SD card slot, password manager, etc but Ledger Nano X not available that kind of features

Trezor Model T device connects smartphone through the USB type C cable but Ledger Nano X connects with a smartphone through Bluetooth, also Ledger Nano X available the USB type C cable.

Trezor Model T Vs Ledger Nano S

 Trezor Model TLedger Nano S
Price149 EUR59 USD
Coins supported1000+1100+
Backup and recovery seed, Pin codeYesYes
DisplayFull color touch screenMonochrome screen
Storagemicro SD card + Encrypted cloud storageNo
PC, smartphone connectivityUSB type C cableUSB micro cable
Customer supportExcellent Excellent

Major different, Trezor Model T consists of the full color relatively larger touch screen but Ledger Nano S does not include the full-color touch color screen.

Ledger Nano S does not contain the any storage feature.


01. What coins does Trezor Model T support?

Currently, it supports more 1000+ coins which including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum classic, etc. Future will add more and more coins and tokens.

02. How much does Trezor cost?

You need to spend 149 EUR to buy Trezor Model T but Trezor One cost around 59 EUR per device.

03. Is Trezor Model T wallet safe?

Default, It brings the hardware wallet security which stores the private key on the device and it will never leave your device. Also, Trezor Model T brings much more wallet security features.

04. How do I restore Trezor Model T?

If you are lost your Trezor Model T, you can restore your device funds using recovery seed which is generated during the first time wallet setting up process.

05. Is Trezor Model T ERC20 compatible?

Default, it supports too many ERC 20 tokens but you can work with ERC 20 token wallets such as MyEtherWallet, Metask to handle any ERC 20 token.

06. Does TrezorModel T support bat?

Yes, it supports the Basic Attention Token or BAT coin.

07. Is there Trezor Model T case

There is no such product for the Trezor Model T but available for the Trezor One.

Conclusion- Trezor Model T review

The article consists of Trezor Model T review which is premier, one of the oldest cryptocurrency hardware wallet supported 1000+ coins currently.

It is worth to buy hardware wallet because it includes amazing product features and security features here you may know some of the exciting things of the Trezor Model T.

Also, you can compare the Trezor Model T with other popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets as Trezor Model T alternatives.

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