40+ Top Bitcoin Quotes – Positive & Negative Thoughts

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This article lists out 40+ top Bitcoin Quotes that impact the industry’s positive and negative ways. In summary, Most of the technology enthusiasts are very positive in terms of Bitcoin technology, and its features. Lets deep dive into the Bitcoin Quotes,

Top Bitcoin Quotes – Positive Thoughts

Let’s take look thoughts made by top famous people in the financial industry as well as the tech industry.

“I do think Bitcoin is the first ‘encrypted money’ that has the potential to do something like change the world”

-Peter Thiel-

“Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of money”

-Paul Buchheit-

“Virtual Currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system”

-Ben Bernanke-

Economists and journalists often get caught up in this question: Why does Bitcoin have value? And the answer is very easy. Because it is useful and scarce

-Erik Voorhees-

“Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient”

-John McAfee-

“EVERY informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments”

-Leon Louw-

“Bitcoin, and the ideas behind it, will be a disrupter to the traditional notions of currency. In the end, currency will be better for it”

-Edmund Moy-

“At our venture firm, we continue to see an escalating stream of fascinating new Bitcoin uses cases and applications from entrepreneurs”

-Marc Andreessen-

“Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, solved this problem of coming to a consensus globally where you don’t trust anybody else. I’m a computer scientist, I thought that was impossible. These guys have proved it can be done”

-Richard Brown-

“Bitcoin is a very exciting development; it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets”

-Kim Dotcom-

“Bitcoin actually has the balance and incentives center, and that is why it is starting to take off”

-Julian Assange-

“Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry”

-Rick Falkvinge-

“Just as it got easier to use email, it will be easier to use Bitcoin as people invest in it and become more familiar with it”

-Gavin Andresen-

“Bitcoin can be programmed, metered, and exchanged by connected devices, enabling more efficient usage of our planet’s resources and services”

-Jeremy Allaire-

“With great ideas come great changes. Bitcoin’s that”

-Cameron Winklevoss-

“The divine line “Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is for criminals” is a cunning defensive strategy created by so called traditional financial services sector”

-Mohith Agadi-

“Those who believe in Bitcoin also believe in cleverness”

-Arif Naseem-

“Here are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based”

-Chris Dixon-

“Entire classes of bugs are missing”

-Dan Kaminsky-

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error”

-Tyler Winklevoss-

“It’s money 2.0, a huge huge huge deal”

-Chamath Palihapitiya-

“The relative success of the bitcoin proves that money first and foremost depends on trust. Neither gold nor bonds are needed to back up a currency”

-Arnon Grunberg-

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force”

-Bill Gates-

I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash

-Milton Friedman-

“I love this stuff – bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain technology – and what the future holds”

-Abigail Johnson-

“Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it is hard to move around. You do need some kind of alternative and Bitcoin fits the bill. I’m not surprised to see that happening”

-Jim Rickards-

“Cryptology represents the future of privacy [and] by implication [it] also represents the future of money, and the future of banking and finance”

-Orlin Grabbe-

“Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet”

-Roger Ver-

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value”

-Eric Schmidt-

“Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn governments”

-Charles Lee-

“The bitcoin world is this new ecosystem where it doesn’t cost that much to start a new bitcoin company, it doesn’t cost much to start owning bitcoin either, and it is a much more efficient way of moving money around the world”

-Tim Draper-

“At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions1… all good things”

-Peter Diamandis-

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential”

-Marc Kenigsberg-

“Bitcoin seems to be a very promising idea. I like the idea of basing security on the assumption that the CPU power of honest participants outweighs that of the attacker. It is a very modern notion that exploits the power of the long tail”

-Hal Finney-

“Virtual currency, where it’s called a bitcoin vs. a U.S. dollar, that’s going to be stopped. No government will ever support a virtual currency that goes around borders and doesn’t have the same controls. It’s not going to happen”

-Jamie Dimon-

“Bitcoin’s value is the same: It will remain as long as it is the most efficient mechanism for transferring ownership”

-Fred Ehrsam-

“I think it’s going to end up a lot like the Internet. Some countries try to regulate the Internet – bitcoin will be very much like that. It will be legal, and there will be some countries with currency control”

-Brian Armstrong-

Top Bitcoin Quotes – Negative Thoughts

Now take a look at Negative Top Bitcoin Quotes made by famous people in the financial & tech industry.

“Bitcoin, I think we can say, is dead”

-Taavet Hinrikus-

“Probably rat poison squared”

-Warren Buffet-

“Bitcoin is evil”

-Paul Krugman-

“It’s gold for nerds”

-Stephen Colbert-

“Maybe bitcoin is a kind of a bubble. I don’t like it. I’m not comfortable with it. I’m kind of an old dog to be absorbing that kind of a new trick”

-Lloyd Blankfein-

“It’s a fraud” and “worse than tulip bulbs”

-Jamie Dimon-

“Maybe I’m just too old, but I’m going to let this mania go on without me”

-Jeffrey Gundlach-

Conclusion – Top Bitcoin Quotes

So, as you can most famous tech enthusiasts contribute to the positive sentiment of the Bitcoin industry. So, feel free to comment below your thoughts on the Bitcoin industry and highlight the “Top Bitcoin Quotes”.

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