Blockchain is a transaction storing methods peer to peer manner, not in a single location. In bitcoin network, Every single transaction will add to the bitcoin blockchain where blockchain is a computer server spread all over the world.

What is Facebook Libra coin – Beginner’s guide

facebook libra coin

Facebook Libra coin is one of the most exciting cryptocurrency project the mission of creating a simple global currency and financial infrastructure. In this article will describe the basics of its uses, functions, and features. Let’s get dive in, What is Libra coin Libra is a digital global cryptocurrency which enables access to the money …

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What is Bitcoin – Beginner’s guide

What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer to peer electronic cash system. All the transaction records on decentralized blockchain ledger help of cryptography(secure coding method). These transactions validate by network miners( solve complex cryptography) where miners rewarded according to the hash power( CPU and GPU ) provided to the network. In the bitcoin network, two …

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