Swap Crypto on ChangeNOW Instantly

Note: This crypto swap is operated by the third party exchange called ChangeNOW. BTCbeginners does not involve with exchange rates, fees, any other issues during the instant exchange of your funds.

What is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is an emerging instant digital asset exchange platform that facilitates the instant crypto swap, crypto-fiat payment with a credit card. Currently, ChangeNOW supports more than 100+ coins and tokens for instant swap including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Check out ChangeNOW Trustpilot review where the rating is very high relative to the other popular crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Cex.io, etc.

How to swap crypto on ChangeNOW instantly?

In this little guide, you will konw step by step, how to exchange ETH to DAI instantly using this BTCbeginners ChangeNOW widget. Let’s get start!

Step 1. Select Crypto pair

First, head over to the exchange form and select the crypto pair, you want to exchange each other. As an example, I will exchange ETH to DAI. Select “ETH” against the “You send” field and type the amount you want to spend or send. Then, select “DaI” against the “You get” field. Next, click the “Exchange” button. Then, a pop-up screen will display.

swap crypto on ChangeNOW

Step 2. Enter recipient wallet address

Next, copy the DAI address from your DAI wallet(Any ERC 20 token supported wallet), and paste into field ” Recipient wallet” in a pop-up screen.
Also, you can set a refund ETH wallet address, in case the transaction has got a problem. For that, click a link(+ add refund address) against the “Recipient wallet”. Then the form will display further input field. Then, hit the “Next” button.

ChangeNOW recipient address

Step 3. Confirm transaction

This step, check out your sending amount, receiving address, and refund address to avoid any fault. Then, agree to changeNOW “Terms of US” and “Privacy policy”. Then click the “Exchange” button.

ChangeNOW confirm the transaction

Step 4. Send the amount

This step, you should send the agreed ETH amount from your ETH wallet or any exchange to address shown in this step (To address). Then wait until the ChangeNOW gets a transaction and completes the exchange process.

Step 5. Wait until ChangeNOW process exchange

In this step, you might wait a few minutes to receive an exchange confirmation message. The waiting duration can be varied with your crypto pair.

Step 6. Check your Wallet

After receiving the confirmation message, go to the wallet and check amount your exchange. After that, feel free to close the pop-up screen in BTCbeginners website.

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