How to create a Bitcoin wallet step by step guide

Btc wallet create
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Bitcoin is a peer to peer digital cash, if you want to own a bitcoin then you need to learn how to create a bitcoin wallet. In this guide provides step by step guide to creating your first bitcoin wallet right way. There are many bitcoin desktop wallets but the Electrum desktop wallet is one of the best bitcoin desktop wallets out there. If you don’t have any idea about cryptocurrency wallets refer to Cryptocurrency wallet basics.

Let’s dive into creating a Bitcoin wallet,

Step 01: Download and Install Electrum

Type on your address bar of the browser, click the download tab of the top menu bar of the site. Then find out the ” Sources and Binaries ” section and under that click on ” Windows Installer “. Also, the Electrum wallet available for other OS types such as Mac and Linux.

Electrum wallet download

After download completed, Click and run the “electrum-version-setup” file. Then New popup window will appear and select the wallet installation directory then click the install button. Let software to install and after completing click close button.

Install bitcoin wallet

Step 02: Setup Electrum wallet

After installing completed, click the Electrum desktop icon and open it. In the fist window, you can select a server connection type, Let select ” Auto connect” then click the next button.

Select server connection type

Next window, select your wallet file location in your computer straightly and change the name if you want, then click next button.

Wallet name

Next window, select “standard wallet” but the recommended method is a wallet with a two-factor authentication method then, click the next button.

Wallet type

Next window, choose “create new seed”. Here the seed is a kind of password or key phrase which is used to recover the wallet when a computer or operating system going to failure.

Wallet seed

Next window, you can select “legacy type” and click next.

Seed type

In the next window, the software will generate your seed and write it down the correct order or take a screenshot. Seed store in electronically not recommended method. Then click the next button.

Seed generation

In the next window, confirm the wallet seed, type seed on the text area. When typing the word drop-down list will come and select a suitable word. then typing finished click next.

Confirm wallet

Next window, type the password you can remember. This password is typing to encrypt the wallet here wallet setup finished. For the first time, only the wallet window will come automatically. After that, you need to password to signing to the wallet.

Step 03: Basic wallet operations.

Receive bitcoin: If you want to receive bitcoin from other wallets or cryptocurrency exchange click the “Receive” tab in the top secondary menu. There is a receiving address that can be copied and send to other people or you can publicly use to receive the bitcoin to your wallet. There is a QR code which also reflects receiving an address. This wallet generates multiple public keys if wanted. Click the new button to generate a new address and these addresses not expired anytime.

Receive bitcoin

Send bitcoin: If you want to send the bitcoin to other select the “Send” tab of the secondary menu. Type or copy and paste the receiver’s address on the “pay to” section. Then write any description on the “Description” section. Then select the amount you want to send. If you click the “Max” button the entire amount will be sent. Then select the transaction fee( Transaction fee is a net cost to send that amount of bitcoin). recommend selecting middle fees. Finally, click the “Send” button. If you make any cryptocurrency transaction double-check the address because you can’t reverse the particular transaction.

Send bitcoin

If you want to check the transaction history of the wallet, Click the “History” section.

Conclusion – How to create a Bitcoin wallet

A bitcoin wallet is a very important thing when using cryptocurrency because it is like a traditional money pocket. In this article provides necessary information to create a bitcoin wallet step by step using Electrum. If you have any question please comment it down.

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