How to Buy UBT Token or Unibright Token – is t worth to invest?

how to buy UBT token
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Are you looking, how to buy UBT token or Unibright token with Bitcoin or fiat currency? then you are in the right place. In this article, I will explain the easiest, secure, and trusted exchanges to buy Unibright token.

Currently, Unibright coin trades on the few exchanges such as Hotbit, Kyber, Uniswap, and Idex where these provide liquidity. In this article, I will explain, how to buy UBT token or Unibright token on Hotbit and Uniswap.

Let’s dive into, how to buy UBT token or Unibright token,

#1. Buy UBT token or Unibright token with credit card

Currently, you can’t buy UBT token with credit or debit card directly, in this case, you want to look for other options. You can UBT token with Bitcoin and Ethereum following this guide. If you don’t have Bitcoin or Ethereum then,

Refer to this article, which explains How to buy Bitcoin on with a credit card.

Also, Here is the list of exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum easily and securely.

 ExchangeSupported CountriesFeePayment optionWebsite
coinbaseCoinbaseUS,Europe,Canada3.99%Credit/debit card,
Wire transfer
coinmamaCoinmamaGlobal5%Credit/debit card, Wire transferVisit
coinhouseCoinhouseEuropeN/ACredit/debit card,
Wire transfer
changellyChangellyGlobal5%Credit/debit cardVisit
bitpandaBitpandaEurope5%Credit/debit card, Bank transferVisit
bititBititGlobal1.5% + 1.49%Credit/debit card,
Cash Voucher

#2.Buy UBT token or Unibright token with Bitcoin

First, look at, How to buy UBT token or Unibright token with Bitcoin on Hotbit exchange.

How to buy UBT token or Unibright token on Hotbit?

Step 1. Register on Hotbit exchange

First, go to the Hotbit exchange and click on the “Register” button then enter the email address. Next, click the “send” button to verify your email address. Next, go to your mailbox and copy the code sent from the Hotbit and then paste it on the “Email verification code” field. Then fill the rest of the form fields and agree to terms of service then, click the “Register” button. Then Hotbit will ask you to log in to the new account.

Step 2. Deposit Bitcoin on Hotbit exchange

First, head over to the main menu and hover over the cursor on “Funds”, then click on the “Deposit” button. Then, select “Crypto” under the “Deposit” button. Then Type BTC or Bitcoin in the search field and select “Bitcoin”. Here you can see the Bitcoin deposit address.

How to buy Unibright coin - Hotbit Bitcoin deposit address.

You can use this newly generated address to send Bitcoin into the Hotbit exchange from your wallet or exchange.

I will show you how to send Bitcoin from the exchange to the HotBit exchange.

First, you need to login and directs into the “Finance”. Next, you will see the Bitcoin amount under Crypto balance then click the “Withdraw” button then you will direct to the BTC withdrawal page.

Withdraw Bitcoin from

Next copy the BTC deposit address from the Hotbit exchange and paste it on “Enter the recipient’s address” in then type the amount to send and agree to terms of service. Then click the “Withdraw” button. Next, go to the email box that you in Cex registration and confirm the withdrawal request. Bitcoin withdrawal dashboard

You will receive the Bitcoin into your Hotbit account within few minutes and you can check the whole balance in the balance tab in the main wallet.

Step 3. Buy UBT token or Unibright token

Next, click the “Exchange” button in the main menu bar. Select the Bitcoin market and types “UBT” on the search bar. Then you will see the UBT/BTC pair and click on it.

How to buy Unibright coin on Hotbit

Now you are in the UBT/BTC market. You need to scroll down up to the Buy/Sell section.

The only way to buy a UBT token is by using a limit order. Now you can set a particular price, amount of UBT, then click the “Buy UBT” button. 

buy UBT on Hotbit

After the order being executed, you will see UBT in the fund section of the exchange.

For safety precautions, you should keep your funds away from the exchanges there is vulnerability to hacking the exchanges.

#3. Buy UBT token or Unibright token with Ethereum

I will show you in this section, how to buy UBT token or Unibright token with Ethereum on Uniswap decentralized exchange. So, let’s get started,

How to buy UBT token or Unibright token on Uniswap dex?

Step 1. Create Uniswap exchange supported wallet

First, you should know, Currently, Uniswap exchange support following ERC 20 wallets.

Then, you should create one of the above wallet in order to trade with Uniswap exchange.

Step 2. Deposit Ethereum in the newly created wallet

In this step, you should deposit the Ethereum into the newly created wallet from the exchange or other existing Ethereum wallet.

Step 3. Connect the wallet with Uniswap dex

After the funded newly created wallet, in order to connect the wallet with Uniswap dex, click the “Connect to a wallet” button located on the top right side of the main exchange dashboard.

How to buy Unibright coin on Uniswap dex

Then, Uniswap will show you list of supported wallets. Next click on the relevant wallet.

Uniswap wallet connect

Next, you should be authorized from your wallet. Authorization step can differ from wallet to wallet.

Uniswap wallet confirm

I recommend you to Metamask wallet because it is one of the popular wallets that available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave browser and app available for both iOS and Android.

Step 4. Buy UBT token or Unibright token for ETH

To exchange ETH to UBT, click the “Swap” button from three tabs then, select the input button as ETH, and you can unlock ETH by clicking the unlock button near ETH ticker. Then it should confirm on your wallet, then wait until validating the transaction on Ethereum blockchain.

Then click on the “Select as Token” button next to the output field.

You have to note that Uniswap dex does not natively support the Unibright coin therefore, you have to put the UBT contract address into the search field.

How to buy Unibright coin - Unibright token contract address

The Unibright contract address can be found here. After that, you will see the UBT token and click on it.

Then, you can adjust the amount of both ETH, and UBT. Then, hit the “Swap” button to buy the Unibright coin. Then confirm it on the Metamask wallet, after that, wait for a few minutes to receiving UBT into your wallet.

Swap ETH to UBT on Uniswap

Best UBT wallets

UBT or Unibright token is ERC 20 token, In this case, you can use the ERC20 supported wallet such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, etc.

If you have hude UBT bag, then look for the hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S, and Trezor One.

What is Unibright?

Unibright is an ecosystem to connect blockchain technology with the existing business and enterprises. The Unibright consists of a team of tech experts over  20+ experience.

The Unibright comes with amazing products & services such as Unibright Thinktank, Unibright Solutions, Unibright Ventures, Unibright framework, Unibright Freequity. Let’s look at each of the solutions briefly.

Unibright ecosystem solutions

Unibright Thinktank

Unibirght Thinktank offers that business ideas turn into the working product through the independent think tank.

Unibright Solutions

Unibright Solution is a one-stop resource for enterprise-grade blockchain consulting. So, Unibright empowers businesses to transform the business processes and systems with the blockchain technology.

Unibright Ventures

Unibright Ventures is an investment firm focused on the blockchain technology and sustainability space. So, it provides venture capital services such as financing, mentoring, and research collaboration to emerging projects, and startup companies.

Unibright Framework

Unibright Framework is a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration without writing a single line of code.

Unibright Frequity

Unibright Frequity is offering services in all relevant stages of the tokenization process and integrate them into markets and system landscapes.

What is the UBT token?

Unibright token is a utility token that is used all Unibright products & services. Generally, Unibright token is used to smart contract creation, smart contract connection, tokenization, and workshops.

Why you should invest in Unibright token or UBT token?

A major reason to invest in the Unibright token is the Unibright highly involved with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a member-driven standards organization whose charter is to develop open, blockchain specifications that drive harmonization and interoperability for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Unibright plays the major in the Baseline Protocol development that consists of connecting the enterprises with the public Ethereum main-net. The Unibright Framework will support visual smart contract modeling, generation, connection and monitoring of Baseline Protocol. Unibright work with EEA’s “Integration Taskforce” called EMINENT. Unibright is hoping to adopt the Unibright Framework fully Baseline complained.  In case, the UBT token has a huge opportunity to grow with EEA.

Conclusion – How to buy UBT token or Unibright token?

In this article, I have explained two different ways to buy UBT token or Unibright token with Bitcoin and Ethereum. I recommend you to the Hotbit, and Uniswap exchanges to buy Unibright token because these two exchanges provide better liquidity for the UBT/BTC and UBT/ETH trading pair hence you can get a good rate for the UBT purchasing.

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