How to buy Reserve Rights or RSR token

Last updated on September 22, 2019

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In this article brings to you how to buy Reserve Rights or RSR token within 3 simple steps. There are few RSR listed exchanges available, here present the trusted, best exchanges to buy RSR token.

I will explain step by step, how to buy Reserve Rights or RSR tokens on Houbi exchange and Hotbit exchange. Currently, Huobi and Hotbit are the best exchange supports the RSR token with high daily trading volume.

Other than Buying the RSR token, you will learn basics of Reserve protocol, Reserve protocol use cases, Reserve stable coin, Reserve Rights token, Reserve partners and investors, etc.

How to buy RSR token with credit/debit card?

You can’t buy RSR token with credit/debit card but you can buy RSR with Bitcoin, Ethereum directly.  

First, you need to buy Bitcoin or USDT then you can buy RSR for Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT.

Huobi enables credit/debit card purchases for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin through third party payment provider Simplex but Fee is too high.

Also, Hotbit supports fiat deposits through the third-party service but fees are not mentioned.

I recommend first, buy Bitcoin from cheap and reputable Bitcoin broker or exchange then, send Bitcoin to the Houbi or Hotbit exchange. Then you can exchange Bitcoin to RSR token.

Where to buy Bitcoin with credit/debit card.

There are so many ways to buy Bitcoin with a credit/debit card but here are 6 best ways to buy Bitcoin with credit/debit card or methods you prefer.


Cex  is UK registered, legally compliance Bitcoin broker and exchange which supports fiat payments through credit/debit cards, swift transfer, ACH transfer

If you want to know step by step, please refer “Beginners guide to buy Bitcoin with credit/debit card through Cex

Cex charges 2.99% fee of the total transaction amount.

Try Cex to Buy Bitcoin

02. Coinbase

Coinbase is US based San-Francisco headquartered, regulated popular cryptocurrency broker and exchange which supports fiat payment through credit/debit card, bank account, bank transfer, etc.

Coinbase charges 3.99% fee of the total transaction amount.

Try Coinbase to buy Bitcoin


Coimama is one of the oldest Bitcoin broker operating worldwide including 193 countries since 2013 which supports fiat payment through credit/debit card, bank transfers such as SWIFT and SEPA.

Coinmama charges a 5% fee of the total transaction.

Try Coinmama to buy Bitcoin


Bitpanda is Austria based cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin broker operation since 2014 which supports fiat payment through credit/debit card, bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller.

Bitpanda charge 1.5% fee for card deposits and 1.49% for crypto purchases.

Try Bitpanda to buy Bitcoin


Bitit is a cryptocurrency broker and exchange which supports fiat payment through credit/debit card, SEPA transfer, and cash vouchers.

Bitit charges 3.9% fee of the total transaction amount

Try Bitit to buy Bitcoin


Localbitcoin is peer to peer bitcoin exchange where people can buy and sell bitcoin for Paypal and various alternative methods such as Skrill, Payza, Wire transfers, Using Cash, etc.

Fees depend on the methods you are using.

Try Localbitcoin to buy Bitcoin

How to buy RSR token on Huobi with Bitcoin

01. Let’s go to Huobi exchange and create a new account

Fill the information correctly then go through the registration process. Huobi may ask you to verify the identity to increase the trading limits.

How to buy RSR token - Regiter the Huobi exchange

02. Deposit the Bitcoin into the Huobi exchange.

Hover over the “Balance section” and click on “exchange account” top right corner of the main menu.

Next screen, find the Bitcoin and click deposit button in the right corner. Now you can use this address to send Bitcoin into the Huobi exchange.

How to buy RSR token - Huobi bitcoin deposit address

Then go back to the exchange or wallet which stores your Bitcoin, then send Bitcoin to the Huobi exchange using Bitcoin address generated in the previous step.

Here I will show how to send Bitcoin from Cex to Huobi. First, you need to direct into the “Finance” section in the main menu. Next, you will see the crypto balance under that find Bitcoin, click “Withdraw” button then you will direct to the BTC withdrawal page.

Crypto balance

Next copy the deposit address from the Huobi exchange and paste it on “Enter the recipient’s address” in Cex then type the amount to send and agree to terms of service. Then click the “Withdraw” button.

How to buy RSR token - BTC withdrawal in Cex

03. Buy RSR on Huobi with Bitcoin

Next click on the “Markets” button in the main menu. Then select the Bitcoin tab and type “RSR” on the search box in right side. You will see RSR token and click on it, then you should click on “Exchange” button on right side of the page.

How to buy RSR token - Huobi

Then you will direct to the RSR/BTC exchange market where you can see RSR price, chart, order book, RSR previous trades.

There are three ways to buy RSR token in the exchange which are limits, market, stop limit market.

Limit orders will execute when both users’ set price and the market price is similar. Market orders executes time of purchasing; you can’t set custom price.

I recommend using limits order to buy RSR because you can buy the price you want.

Next click “limit” tab under buy RSR token.

Set RSR prices little below the market price, then the select amount of RSR token you want to buy respected with your Bitcoin balance. Then hit “buy RSR” button. Then the order will execute when meeting your RSR price.

Huobi exchange

If your order not executed, your buy order will be in the “Open orders” tab.

If you want to buy RSR immediately, select the “Market” tab instead of the Limit tab.

How to buy RSR token on Hotbit with Bitcoin

01.Register on Hotbit exchange

First, go to the Hotbit exchange and click on the “Register” button then enter the email address. Next, click the “send” button to verify your email address. Next, go to your mailbox and copy the code sent from the Hotbit and then paste it on the “Email verification code” field. Then fill the rest of form fields and agree to terms of service then click the “Register” button. Then Hotbit will ask you to log in the new account.

Hotbit registration

02.Deposit Bitcoin on Hotbit exchange

After that, log in the new account and you will direct to funds section. Find Bitcoin from the long list, then click deposit button right side of the page. Next, you will see the Bitcoin deposit address.

How to buy RSR token - Hotbit funds

You can use this newly generated address to send Bitcoin into the Hotbit exchange from your wallet or exchange.

03. Buy RSR token on Hotbit

Next, click “Exchange” button in the main menu bar. Select the Bitcoin market and types “RSR” on the search bar. Then you will see RSR/BTC pair and click on it.

How to buy RSR token - RSR/BTC market

Now you are in the RSR/BTC market. You need to scroll down up to the Buy/Sell section.

The only way to buy RSR token is by using a limit order. There are no additional ways to buy RSR like in Huobi exchange.

Now you can set a particular price, amount of RSR you want to buy then click “Buy RSR” button. 

Buy RSR on Hotbit

After order being executed, you will see RSR in fund section of the exchange.

For safety precautions, you should keep your funds away from the exchanges there is vulnerability to hacking the exchanges.

Where do I store the RSR token – Best RSR token wallets

RSR is ERC 20 token where you can use ERC 20 supported wallet. You can use free MyEtherWalletMetamask, or Mycryoto wallet.

If you are buying a huge amount of RSR token you will buy Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, Trezor Model T wallet.

What is Reserve Protocol?

Reserve protocol is decentralized stable coin system which maintains the Reserve(RSV) token value stability and manages the collateral assets. The protocol is designed to keep collateral assets worth at least 100% or more all Reserve(RSV) token value where collateral assets will be tokenized assets, bonds, commodities, and currencies.

Reserve protocol can be implemented in any smart contract platform such as Ethereum, EOS or its own chain but initially, it will be on Ethereum blockchain when protocol main net launched it will on its own chain. If you want to know more about the Reserve project go to the

What is Reserve(RSV) token?

RSV is a stable cryptocurrency initially pegged to the USD but network grows USD pegged will be released.  Also, RSV is a decentralized stable coin which is 100% asset-backed.

What is Reserve Rights (RSR) Token?

Reserve Rights token (RSR) fluctuates the price where it used to facilitate the stability of the Reserve(RSV) token.

Why should I buy Reserve Rights or RSR token – 4 simple tips

Reserve project consists of huge potential to be a global success, Here are the most important things to know to confident the RSR token investing.

01.Decentralized stable cryptocurrency

There are so many cryptocurrencies exists but these are very volatile and price changes over time. In this case, people fear to use cryptocurrency, and less opportunity to use daily basis. 

The solution is decentralized stable cryptocurrency such as Reserve(RSV) token, Dai, etc.

Reserve(RSV) token will be major stable cryptocurrency because of It too scalable than the Dai stable coin. In this case, these tokens can be used to send money to friends, for cross-border payments, merchant payment systems.

In 2020, Reserve protocol will release the main net of the ecosystem.

02. It will support the hyperinflationary countries

Reserve token (RSV) is a good alternative to keep the real value of the money where the countries are affected to hyperinflationary situations example Venezuela, Argentina, Sudan, etc.

Currently, the Reserve team developing the mobile payment app for the Venezuela market, which is the most hyperinflationary country in the world.

The Reserve team will expand its app for other countries in the future.

03.The project invested by top Silicon Valley investors

The Reserve project funded by the top Silicon Valley investor such as Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal), Sam Altman and many more.

04. Experienced project team

The team consists of top people who are worked in top companies such as Google, Tesla, IBM, and Open AI. The project CEO/Co-founder is Nevin Freeman and CTO/Co-founder is Matt Elder.

Conclusion – How to buy RSR token

This article primary focus is on providing how to buy Reserve Rights or RSR token on Houbi and Hotbit exchange. There are no ways to buy RSR token directly with credit/debit card but you can RSR token with Bitcoin both exchanges.

Other than How to buy RSV token, you will know a little bit of Reserve project and Reserve protocol and some tips buy RSR token.

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