6 Best & cheap ways to buy Bitcoin with Cash

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Are you looking to buy Bitcoin with cash then you are in the right place? In this article consist of 6 best and cheap ways to buy Bitcoin with cash where explain everything you should consider before getting started.

There are few methods buy Bitcoin with cash such as meeting a person who owns a Bitcoins, depositing the money in bank accounts, using Bitcoin ATM, and sending the money through secure money sending mail service. In this guide will explain all of these methods separately.

Let’s dive into each method to learn possible opportunities to buy Bitcoin with cash.

01. Buy Bitcoin with cash on LocalBitcoin

LocalBitcoin is one of the oldest peer to peer Bitcoin exchange operating since 2012 which is based in Finland.

LocalBitcoin facilitates the buy Bitcoin with cash through bank deposits or in-person trade. Also, LocalBitcoin supports a lot of payment methods such as PayPal, credit/debit cards, Skrill, Wire transfer, Web money, etc.

When you are selecting seller to trade with, you need to consider some of the important factors to avoid scammers such as seller’s history, the reputation of the platform, positive feedbacks, etc. Make sure the seller has good feedback prior to making any trade.

Normally, LocalBitcoin does not ask to verify the identity to buy Bitcoin with cash or any other methods but some of the sellers may ask you to send your details such as selfie, photo ID, etc.

LocalBitcoin provides the Bitcoin escrow service to help both buyers and seller which is to protect the LocalBitcoin users being a scam.

LocalBitcoin charges 1% flat fee of the total Bitcoin amount which is bought from the offers listed.  

Step by step guide to buying Bitcoin with cash on LocalBitcoin

I will show how to buy Bitcoin with cash in 3 steps.

01.Register the LocalBitcoin

You should go to the LocalBitcoin website and click “Sign up free” button on the top right side of the main menu. Next, you will direct to fill the form then click the “Register” button.

LocalBitcoin register - Buy Bitcoin with cash

Next step LocalBitcoin will ask to verify the email, and phone number. In this step, you are ready to buy Bitcoin with cash through the in-person trade or bank deposits.

02. Find the best-rated offer

When you log in, the default you are in quick buy offers page. First, you need to apply some filter to see what offers available to buy Bitcoin with cash through bank deposit.

First type amount, next select the fiat currency method, next select location or country, then select the cash deposit from the all online offers. Finally, click the “Search” button.

LocalBitcoin offers

Most of the results for bank deposits but when you scroll down, you can see cash in-person offers. Also, the first result is the best offer.

Click the buy button in right side then directs to the offer page where you can find seller’s trade terms, feedback score, link to check the feedbacks, seller’s online status, trade limits, payment window, etc.

Typically, in trade terms seller states the deposit conditions, id verification, trade open hours, contact details such as phone number if the offer is cash in-person trade, and various conditions.

The payment window is time complete the trade with the seller where time count will begin when you hit the send trade request and it depends on the type payment method.

As mentioned above, you can find a suitable seller to buy Bitcoin with cash through the bank deposit.

After finding the suitable seller, click the “Send trade request” button and don’t forget to write the message and other necessary information to share with the seller.

LocalBitcoin trade page - buy Bitcoin with cash

03. Start the trade on LocalBitcoin

In this stage you are able to contact with the seller through LocalBitcoin messaging system and ask the other necessary information to complete cash deposit also, LocalBitcoin will lock ordered Bitcoin amount on LocalBitcoin escrow service.

LocalBitcoin trade

After negotiation with the seller, make the payment and send proof of document (bank deposit receipt). Then the seller will release order Bitcoin amount if everything goes correct procedure.

After that, you will receive the Bitcoin into your LocalBitcoin wallet within 30 minutes.

LocalBitcoin Pros

  • Relatively low fee
  • Great security with 2FA authentication
  • Bitcoin escrow service for the community protection

LocalBitcoin Cons

  • Relatively poor customer supports
  • Few countries are not supported
  • Reasonable chance to get scammed

02. Buy Bitcoin with cash on Paxful

Paxful is US-based, peer to peer bitcoin exchange you can buy Bitcoin with cash both cash in person and cash deposit in bank accounts and it supports more than 300 payments methods such as PayPal, Skrill, wire transfer, credit/debit card, etc.

Normally, Paxful does not ask to verify the identity for buying Bitcoins but some of the sellers may ask you to verify the identity. You can use seller who does not ask the id verification if you are seriously thinking the privacy. 

Paxful charges fees when you are buying the Bitcoin from seller where fees depend on the various parameters such as order size, payment methods, customer verification status, and fiat currency.

Paxful provides the Bitcoin escrow service to help both buyers and sellers which is to protect the Paxful users being a scam.

You can use Paxful messaging system to communicate the with the seller when you request the buy order from the seller.

Step by step guide to buying Bitcoin with cash on Paxful

I will show you how to buy Bitcoin with three simple steps,

01.Register new account on Paxful

Let’s go to the Paxful exchange and click the Register button in the top main menu. In the next screen, fill the form correctly, agree to terms and condition, privacy policy then click “Create an account & free wallet” button.

Paxful account creation

Next, you should verify your email then log into the new account. In the next step, you can buy Bitcoin with cash right away.

02. Find a suitable offer

The default you are in the dashboard when the first login the new account. Next hover over the “buy Bitcoin” in the main menu then click on buy Bitcoin on the drop-down menu. Then you will direct to buy Bitcoin section.

Paxful dashboard - buy Bitcoin with cash

There is a search filter in the top of the page to find available offers. For that enter Bitcoin amount, fiat currency, select the way to pay in this case I select cash in person, then enter the country, and city you can meet the person. Then click “give me the best” or “Search” button.

Paxful  Buy Bitcoin with cash

There are few offers cash in person but too many offers available for the bank deposits.

Paxful offers - buy Bitcoin with cash

Then go through each offer and find a suitable offer meet with your requirements. You should consider seller history and positive reputation, offer terms, maximum and minimum trade amount, etc.

Next, type the amount and click the “Buy Now” button in offer page. After confirming the buy, Paxful escrow your Bitcoin and ready communication with the seller.

Paxful offer page - buy Bitcoin with cash

03. Start trade with a selected seller

Next, contact the seller and discuss additional things and locations to meet the seller or seller’s agent. Then meet and pay the cash then confirm on the Paxful exchange. After that seller will release the funds and Bitcoin will appear on your Paxful wallet within few minutes.

Paxful pros

  • Excellent customer support through an online chat system
  • Relatively low fees
  • Various fiat payment methods
  • Worldwide supports
  • Bitcoin escrow service for the community protection

Paxful cons

  • Order limitation to buy Bitcoin
  • Reasonable chance to get scammed

03. Buy Bitcoin with cash on Wallofcoins

Wallofcoins is US-based, peer to peer Bitcoin market place which supports cash deposits on the bank and no online bank to bank transfers.

Wallofcoins funds store in the secure cold storage wallet to manage its user’s wallet and funds.

Wallofcoins provides high-quality customer supports through an online chat system and tall free phone number within the US region.

Wallofcoins serves the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and few countries.

 Wallofcoins does not clearly mention the fees, I think the fees include in the rate of Bitcoin. Also, the fees depend on the order size, advertisement.

Step by step guide to buying Bitcoin with cash on Wallofcoins

First, you should go to Wallofcoins website then click the “buy” button in the middle of the page.

Then you will direct to the “Buy Bitcoin with cash” page. Click on “Find my location” button which will find you nearest bank to deposit cash or well come to skip location.

Wallofcoins location

Next screen, Wallofcoins asks you to enter the Bitcoin receiving address. Enter your Bitcoin receiving address which will be your personal Bitcoin wallet address then click the “Next” button.

Wallofcoins receiving address

Also, you can leave the entering Bitcoin address, later you can withdraw Bitcoin from the Wallofcoins wallet to your personal wallet address.

If you don’t have a personal Bitcoin wallet then refer the list of Best Bitcoin wallet.

Next screen, you should enter the USD amount you want to buy then click next button.

Wallofcoins bitcoin - buy Bitcoin with cash

If you are not enabled the location service, the next step it will ask you to enter zip code in your area then click the “Next” button.

Wallofcoins zip

Now you are in available offers page which is nearest to your locations and best available Bitcoin rates. Then select the suitable offer and click the green button with an arrow.

Wallofcoins banks - buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, enter the email address and click the “Next” button.

Wallofcoins email - buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, enter the phone number and click “Next” button.

Wallofcoins mobile number - buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, enter a proper password and click the “Next” button.

Wallofcoins password - buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, it will ask to enter the verification code that receives into your phone number then clicks next button.

After that, Wallofcoins will show you bank deposit details here you should print or copy the details. Then go to the bank and deposit the USD amount and don’t forget to write the reference info which is provided the order number.

wallofcoins - bank details

Then click deposit finished button on exchange dashboard then upload the proof of payment document (bank deposit receipt) into the Wallofcoins.

Now seller will release the Bitcoin when the seller confirms the deposit and you will receive the Bitcoin within few minutes.

Wallofcoin of pros

  • Excellent customer support
  • Bitcoin escrow service for the community protection
  • Cold wallet storage facility

Wallofcoins cons

  • Few countries support

04. Buy Bitcoin with cash on Bitquick

Bitquick is US-based peer to peer Bitcoin exchange which is operated within the US region only and only it supports cash deposit on bank accounts.

Bitquick asks you to verify the identity if the buy amount is more than 400 USD.

It charges a 2% fee of the total transaction amount and Bitcoin network fee which is roughly 0.0001 Bitcoin.

There are no limits to buy Bitcoin mean you can buy any amount of Bitcoins.

Step by step guide to buying Bitcoin with cash on Bitquick

First, go to the Bitquick exchange home page where the default buy tab is selected. Next, enter the amount of USD then click “Continue” button.


Next screen, you should select the preferred cash payment method then click “Continue” button.

Bitquick pay method - Buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, it will show you a list of banks, select one of them near you.

Bitquick bank - buy Bitcoin with cash

Next screen, you can see order details, phone verification, Bitcoin payout address, trade amount and related fees. First, you need to verify the phone number, enter phone number with area code then click verify with SMS or phone call button. After that you will receive verification code into your phone then it should enter the Bitquick system.

Next, enter the Bitcoin payout address, and amount then agrees to terms and service then click “Buy Bitcoin” button.

Bitquick order details

Next, Bitquick will show you bank deposit details then copy the bank details and deposit money in the bank. Next upload the proof of payment document within 3 hours.

If you are all done on time, you will receive your Bitcoin immediately.

Bitquick pros

  • No limits buy Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin escrow service for the community protection

Bitquick cons

  • Poor customer support
  • Operate within the USA only

05. Buy bitcoin with cash on Libertyx

Libertyx is a Bitcoin exchange service which facilitates to buy Bitcoin instantly trusted stores near you. There are 3 methods to pay the fiat currency through cashier stores, debit kiosk, and ATMs.

There is a Libertyx app available for Android and iOS devices which can use to find the service location, payment options.

Libertyx provides excellent customer support through the chat system, phone, and email service.

Also, It supports the whole payment process through the app. Total fees depend on store to store where the total fee mentioned in the store in-app or website.

Libertyx fees

If you want to know step by step process, How to buy Bitcoin on Libertyx this article

Libertyx pros

  • High daily buy limits
  • Online chat system available
  • No need to verify the identity

Libertyx cons

  • No wallet service
  • Only supports the USA

06. Buy Bitcoin with cash using Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is automated teller machine (Also, referred to as BATM) where It is very similar to traditional ATMs but Bitcoin ATM is connected to cryptocurrency exchange instead of connects to the bank account.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin with cash is using the Bitcoin ATM also, it supports the credit/debit cards.

You can use Bitcoin ATM to buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin where most of ATM services don’t require the ID verification but few will ask your ID.

Bitcoin ATM can be used to anonymously buy and sell Bitcoin right way but normally, Bitcoin ATMs charge high fees for transaction and fees also depends on the Bitcoin ATM service owner.

There are so many Bitcoin ATM producers such as Genesis, Bitcoin depot, Bitnovo, Lamassu, General Bytes, etc.

How to find Bitcoin ATM near you?

The is a website called Coin ATM Rader which helps you to find near Bitcoin ATM through interactive Bitcoin ATM map. Coin ATM Radar is listed almost every Bitcoin ATMs in one place and It is updated over time.

You can search ATM by manufacturer, buy or sell method, location address.

Coin ATM Radar map - Buy Bitcoin with cash

Also, it facilitates to show the details each of Bitcoin ATM when you click on location icon where details are Bitcoin ATM location, operation type buy or sell, supported currency other than Bitcoin, fiat currency, Bitcoin ATM manufacture, view details tab, and get direction app.

coin ATM radar - buy Bitcoin with cash

Each Individual Bitcoin ATM details page includes too many information such as existing user reviews, buy-sell limitations, location information and operator information, and producer information, etc.

Bitcoin ATM pros

  • Easiest ways to buy Bitcoin
  • High anonymous and privacy
  • Bitcoin ATM cons

Bitcoin ATM cons

  • High fees
  • Limited customer support service

FAQs – Buy Bitcoin with cash

01. Is it legal to buy Bitcoins with cash?

It depends on your country low but buying Bitcoin with cash is legal in so many countries.

02. Does it ask ID verification buy Bitcoin with cash?

In most instances, above peer to peer exchanges will not ask to verify the ID but If you are buying a huge amount of Bitcoins definitely ask the ID verification.

You can find so many sellers who do not ask the ID verification in LocalBitcoin and Paxful.

03. Do I get a scam using peer to peer exchange?

So many scammers are the major drawback of the peer to peer exchanges which happens due to no ID verification, free access, etc.

When you are selecting the seller, don’t forget to check seller’s history, feedback score, positive reviews especially in LocalBitcoin and Paxful.

04. Does it cheap the buy Bitcoin with cash?

Yes, most of the time that fees are less than 3% of the total transaction instead of using Bitcoin ATM where Bitcoin ATMs charge high fees.

Also, don’t forget the Bitcoin exchange rate higher the actual market price in peer to peer exchanges.

05. Can I buy altcoins with cash?

Yes, you can Buy altcoin with cash in Wallofcoins, and Bitquick and using Bitcoin ATM.

Wallofcoins supports Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, PIVX, Ark, Groestlcoin, and Bitquick supports Bitcoin Cash.

Also, some of the Bitcoin ATMs support the altcoin trades.

06. Do Bitcoin ATMs charge a fee?

Yes, it charges very high fees than others buy Bitcoin with cash methods.

07. How do I convert Bitcoin into cash?

You can sell your Bitcoin to cash becoming the seller in LocalBitcoin, Paxful, Wallofcoins, and Bitquick. You can use Bitcoin ATM that supports the Bitcoin sell where It very easy and quick method.

Conclusion – 6 best way to buy Bitcoin with cash

In this article, I have guided 6 cheap ways to buy Bitcoin with cash through step by step process.

You can buy Bitcoin with cash through LocalBitcoin, Paxful, Wallofcoins, Bitquick, Libertyx and Bitcoin ATM.

If you are seriously considering your privacy I recommend using Wallofcoins, Libertyx, and Bitcoin ATMs.

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