4 Legit ways to buy Bitcoin for PayPal

Last updated on September 18, 2019

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Paypal is one of the most popular online payment method worldwide that is used for many cases such as send money online, payment method for online e-commerce stores, a method to accepting donations for content makers, etc. A lot of people are looking to buy bitcoin for PayPal but there are few legit ways to buy bitcoin for PayPal nowadays. In this article, I will show you 4 possible methods exist in the current market to buy Bitcoin for Paypal legit way.

Why are people looking to buy Bitcoin for PayPal

A major reason is people are having Paypal account with fiat money( Fiat money is traditional currency such as USD, EUR, etc) but there are no supports the major cryptocurrency brokers to buying bitcoins for PayPal. Paypal has not supported the cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency or Bitcoin is a very volatile asset and still cryptocurrency has no regulated environment.

But there are few legit services are available for buying Bitcoin for Paypal.

Is it difficult to buy Bitcoin for PayPal, yes but there is not hard as it is, let’s dive into the buying bitcoins for PayPal right way?

Importance facts to consider using the PayPal

Trustworthy and legitimacy

Chosen service should be trusted and reputable history. In this article will consist of details about the fact is mentioned.

Amount of fees are charged for a single transaction

The fees are charging for these services are little crazy and here explains fee with example and comparison will be provided. Then you can be selecting a better and suitable service to buy Bitcoin for PayPal right way.

Geographic restrictions

Some of the services are not supported worldwide because regulations are different from country to country but It will be mentioned here in detail.

4 Best possible legit ways to buy Bitcoin for PayPal

Let’s discuss in detail for engaging these services. In starting, buying bitcoin with xCoin is the expensive service relative to Paxful, LocalBitcoin, eToro

01. Buy Bitcoin for PayPal on LocalBitcoin

buy Bitcoin for PayPal- local bitcoin home page

LocalBitcoin is peer to peer bitcoin exchange where People can buy and sell bitcoin for Paypal and various alternative methods such as Skrill, Payza, Wire transfers, Using Cash, etc. LocalBitcoin based on Findland and founded in 2012 which has reputable history and trustworthy among the cryptocurrency community.

LocalBitcoin supports a lot of countries and anyone can become the Bitocin buyer or Bitcoin seller through this platform where Bitcoin exchange rate decide the buyer or seller.

Exchange supports the local currency and users can deal with their local currency. Every transaction goes through the Localbitcoin escrow service to protect the community from being avoided frauds and scammers of the industry.

What are the fees charged?  

Registering the website, bitcoin buying and selling completely free.

If you want to create an advertisement for your trade such as buy ad or sell an ad, you need to pay 1% of your trade transactions through that advertisement. Let’s consider the example,

You create an advertisement for selling of 0.5BTC. Think your trade accept some buyer and transaction is done. For this trade, LocalBitcoin will charge 0.005BTC from the seller. If you create a Buy bitcoin advertisement the same charge will apply.

LocalBitcoin wallet to Localbitcoin wallet transferring funds is completely free and LocalBitcoin to another external bitcoin wallet charge the standard bitcoin network fee which is determined by the bitcoin network congestion.

Steps to buy Bitcoin for Paypal

Let’s go to the LocalBitcoin,  Click on “Sign up free” button top right corner of the top menu.

Then you will direct to register a new account, fill the available fields. Then click the “Register” button. Then popup screen will appear, read the terms of service and scroll down to the bottom and click the “I agree” button. Then Privacy and Policy screen will appear, then read that and click “I agree” button.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal-localbitcoin register

Then you will see email verification window, you should go to your mailbox and click the sent link by the LocalBitcoin. After that, LocalBitcoin will ask to fill your profile information. Then fill the details correctly. Then click the “Submit” button.

Then you will see the phone verification screen where you need to enter your phone number and click the “Submit” button. Then you will receive the 8 digit number and type it under “Verification code” field in next screen. Then click the “Submit’ button.

This stage you are almost done the registration process.

Now you can buy Bitcoin right way, let’s click the “Quick Buy” tab of the main page or click “buy bitcoins” tab of the main menu.

Now you are in online offers section, you can adjust the search options. Then type amount accordance with your currency, select the currency, select the country, then select the payment methods as PayPal from the “All online offers” then click the “Search” button.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal-localbitcoin offers

Now you will see a bunch of offers available. Select the offer according to your rate and click the “Buy” button. Find the price of Bitcoin using Coinmarketcap website.

On the next screen, you will see “ buy bitcoins with PayPal with US dollar” page.

You can see the price of bitcoin, Payment Method, User profile link and reputation, Trade limits, Payment window which means you should complete the payment within the stated time, Payment location, etc.

Also, you can find the seller’s terms of the trade right side of the page.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal- local bitcoin trade page

Before putting the Send trade request, please check these facts,

  • Buyer reputation viewing the seller’s profile
  • Check trade limits
  • Payment methods
  • Trade terms of the Bitcoin seller.

If you are satisfied with the Bitcoin seller, select the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, then type the message and other trade information to the seller. Then click the “Send trade request” button.

Then you will “Success” message of the order. This stage you can discuss the trade with the seller using live chat function of the Localbitcoin.

localbitcoin trade success

If you want to cancel the trade this stage, you can cancel through “Resolving trade issues”.

After that step, you need to fulfill the requirement asked by the seller, make your PayPal payment for the seller, etc. after completing above steps, Localbitcoin escrow will release your Bitcoin for your Local bitcoin wallet, time of fund releasing depends on seller activeness, your performance, and bitcoin network status.


  • Low fees compared with Paxful and xCoin
  • The website provides high security with 2FA authentication
  • Bunch of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Escrow service for community protection


  • Low customer support
  • Few countries are not supported

02. Buy Bitcoin for PayPal on Paxful

buy Bitcoin for PayPal paxful home page

Paxful is also, peer to peer bitcoin exchange which supports more than 300 payment methods including Paypal, Credit/debit card, Wire transfer many more.

What are the fees charged?

Paxful does not charge any fee who are buying bitcoin from the Paxful.

When you buying Bitcoin from another customer, Paxful will charge some fee for that transaction where the fee will depend on trade size, the currency used, customer’s verification status.

Paxful will charge fee who are selling the Bitcoin where fee depends on seller’s accepted payment method.

Transferring funds from Paxfull wallet to another Paxfull wallet, free of charge for first 5 transactions sent per month and then It will charge 1$ for each transaction

Transfering Paxful wallet to external bitcoin wallet, Paxfull will charge 0.0005BTC per each transaction where the charge will be reduced from the available wallet balance before a transaction is done. 

Steps to Buying Bitcoin for PayPal

Let’s go to the Paxful website and click on “Create account” tab of the main menu. Then “Create new account” screen will appear.

Then fill all the fields correctly, agree to terms of service, privacy policy and verify the “I’m not a robot” and click the “create an account and free wallet” button.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal-paxful register

Then you will direct to the dashboard of the Paxful.

Then click the “Buy bitcoin”  tab of the menu and select buy bitcoin from the drop-down.

paxful profile

You can search available offers using search filters. Type amount, select a currency, Select the payment method as Paypal and click the search button. Then you will see “Open offers for Paypal”.

Before selecting the seller, check these facts

  • Seller reputation
  • Offer terms of the seller
  • Trade limits
  • Past customer reviews

After that, click buy button accordance with a required rate per Bitcoin. As you can see the best rate available in the first offer of the search result.

paxful offers

Then you will direct “BUY BITCOINS WITH PAYPAL FOR US DOLLARS (USD) ” page. Next, type the amount and click “ Buy Now”.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal - paxful trade page

After Paxful may ask you to verify your ID, Phone, etc because the seller wants that information to complete the trade.

If you do not ask the above details, you can go further with the trade and you can chat with the seller and make payment through PayPal. If you do that successfully you will receive an amount of Bitcoin from the Paxful escrow service.


  • Worldwide support and few countries not supported
  • Bunch of payment options including PayPal, Credit/debit card, Wire transfer
  • Escrow service for community protection
  • Good customer support


  • Limitations to buy Bitcoin

03. Buy Bitcoin for PayPal on xCoins

buy Bitcoin for PayPal-scoins home page

xCoins is instant Bitcoin buying platform using Paypal and Paypal accept methods such as Credit/debit card, Wire transfer where lenders give the bitcoin with the best rate and always lenders compete for among others to give the best rate for Bitcoin buyers or called borrowers in the platform.

Mainly xCoins serve the US bitcoin buyers and few countries and based in Santa Monica US

Lenders of the platform give loans to the Bitcoin buyers(Borrowers) agreed on the rate provided by the lender and Payment directly goes to the lender’s Paypal account.

What are the xCoins fees

Borrowers or Bitcoin buyers need to pay fees such as Paypal processing fee which is 2.9% + $0.3, xCoins commissions as loan origination fee which is 5% or higher depends on lender volume, bitcoin network fee which is 0.00025BTC, etc.  where these fees are not mentioned in the website clearly and It will depend on the market condition.

xCoin will not charge any fee from the platform’s lenders.

Altogether xCoins is not cheap as Paxful and Localbitcoin websites for Buy Bitcoin for Paypal

Steps to buy Bitcoin for Paypal

Let’s go to the xCoins website and click “Sign Up” button top right corner of the main menu.

Then, fill out the signup form correctly, Agree to terms of service and privacy policy, verified you are not a robot, Then click the signup button. Then go to your mailbox, There is alpha-numeric code, Then type it on “Email confirmation” field of the new screen.

xcoins register

Then you can promotional code screen and Type it on the field. If you don’t know one, then click the “Continue”

Next screen, select strengthen password and click “Continue” button.

Next screen, select your country and click the “Continue” button.

Next screen, you need to enter your phone number and click “Continue” button. Then xCoin will send 6 digit code. Enter the code on the confirmation field in the next screen. Then click the “Continue” button.

In the next screen, select Two-factor authentication methods. Select the method as “Telephone” and click “Continue” button.

Then you will direct to the main dashboard of the platform.

Now you are ready to buy Bitcoin with PayPal, let’s click the “Get bitcoin” tab in the top left corner of the main menu.

xcoins get bitcoin

Next screen, type amount of bitcoin want to buy, Then click “Get bitcoin” button.

Then you will direct to Lender found the page. Here you can see all the fees and amount you need to pay for that amount of Bitcoin.

xcoins lender found

Then, agree to loan agreement and Click “Continue” button.

 On next screen, you will ask to verify your ID  because you are first time user of the platform.

On the next two screens, upload the required file and click “Continue” button.

After verifying the account, you can buy bitcoin from that transaction using PayPal secure portal.


  • Major methods support such as Credit/debit card, Paypal, Wire transfer accepted
  • Good customer support


  • Few countries support
  • Some time It will take more time to receive the Bitcoin

04. Buy Bitcoin for PayPal on eToro

buy Bitcoin for PayPal etoro home apge

eToro is social copy trading platform which supports the many asset trading such as stocks, bitcoin, CFD’s, etc.

You can buy Bitcoin for Paypal but Actually, you can’t send bitcoin from this website to personal bitcoin wallet.

Only it can use for buy and sell bitcoin and get profit through price fluctuation.

Steps to buy Bitcoin for Paypal

Let’s go to the eToro website and click “Join Now” button in the middle of the page.

Then fill up the Signup form correctly, Agree to terms of service and Privacy policy and then click the “Create Account”.

etoro register

Then you will direct to the main dashboard of the website. Here you should complete the profile for further activities.

Click the “Deposit fund” in the bottom left corner of the main dashboard. Then you should select the payment method, amount of deposit and click “Submit” button. If your account is verified, you will direct to secure PayPal portal to complete the deposit.

buy Bitcoin for PayPal etoro deposit

After that, go to the main dashboard, Under my watchlist left side of the dashboard, scroll down and Click BTC bar.

etoro watchlist

Then you will see Bitcoin asset page, click the “Trade” button right side of the page.

Then the popup screen will appear and select the “Buy” tab from two tabs. Also, there are trade and order tabs, select the trade tab.

etoro buy bitcoin

Here you can see SL tab which is an option to avoid loss of the entire fund you are using for a particular trade. As an example you buy bitcoin at 10000$ per Bitcoin, you assume Bitcoin price will go higher, But bitcoin price goes to down the 10000$, Here you will lose entire balance If you do not set SL. Here you can set 9900$ SL this trade.

Leverage trading not suitable for beginner, please keep default 1X leverage.

Take a profit is the closing price of your trade.


  • Reputed exchange and broker
  • A lot of cryptocurrencies can buy
  • Good customer support
  • You can copy the trades from the other traders


  • Bitcoin withdrawal option is not available

How to buy Bitcoin with Skrill

There are a few more ways to buy Bitcoin which is using VirWox, Localbitcoin, Paxful, Bitpanda, and Skrill website. In the skrill website, actually, you can’t withdraw the bitcoin from skrill to your personal websites.

How to convert Bitcoin to Paypal

You can sell bitcoin to Paypal in Localbitcoin, Paxful, and xCoins lender program.

How to buy Ethereum with Paypal

You can buy Ethereum for Paypal using LocalEthereum website which closely similar to Localbitcoin website.

Best Bitcoin wallets in 2019

If you are buying bitcoin you need to choose the best bitcoin wallet which is a secure, updated and popular wallet. Let’s find your wallet according to your requirement. If you have more than 500$, you can buy the most secure hardware wallet.

 WalletTypePriceMulti-currency supportWebsite
Trezor oneTrezor
Hardware69 EUR and 149 EURYesVisit
Ledger Nano SLedgerHardware59 USD and 119 USDYesVisit
keepkey walletKeepkeyHardware79 USDYesVisit
bitpayBitpaySoftware and MobileFreeBTC, BCHVisit
edge appEdgeMobileFreeYesVisit
coinbaseCoinbase walletOnlineFreeYesVisit
blockchain walletBlockchain walletOnlineFreeYesVisit


Buying bitcoins with Paypal is not easy because Paypal does not support the Bitcoin. In this case, there are still few legit services exists which are Localbitcoin, Paxful, xCoins, and eToro. In this guide explain these service’s features, fees, pros and cons of using services.

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