9 Best ways to buy Bitcoin without ID Anonymously in 2020

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Lots of people the world over have perfectly legal and legitimate reasons to seek ways to purchase Bitcoin without having to complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer) or other identity verification processes that involve sharing your photo ID. Here, you will find out the 9 best ways to buy Bitcoin without ID anonymously in 2020.

Please note that, while these sites do not require photo ID but have limited spending limits, some may still require certain sensitive personal information depending on your local laws and regulations.

This list is being researched from inside the United States, so your experience with these sites may vary. Also, please note the Trustpilot ratings for each site on this list and choose accordingly.

Let’s find out, 9 best ways to buy Bitcoin without ID anonymously in 2020,

1. Cex.io – buy up to 100$ worth of Bitcoin without verification


Cex.io offers Bitcoin purchases without a photo ID.  As a US user, Cex.io was required to provide a Social Security number to link a card as a payment option, so the site does not offer actual anonymity, it simply does not require photo ID verification.

Payment methods accepted by Cex.io are Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards.

No more than $100USD in deposits can be made over the life of the account without verification and there is a $100 daily withdrawal limit. These features severely limit the usefulness of the site to users who cannot or do not wish to provide photo ID.

Trustpilot rating – 4/5

2. LocalCryptos – buy Any amount of Bitcoin Anonymously

Best ways to buy Bitcoin Anonymously on LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos is a direct peer-to-peer trading platform with 40+ payment methods.  No identity verification is required: simply sign up with an email address and create a password to act as your private key and start trading. 

Payment methods accepted are bank transfer, cash in person, cash deposit to seller’s bank account, WeChat Pay, Western Union, international wire transfer, MoneyGram, TransferWise, Alipay, Chipper Cash, PayPal, MTN Mobile Money, Mercado Pago, Qiwi, SEPA transfer, Skrill, WebMoney, Airtel, Payeer, gift cards, AdvCash, Revolut, Venmo, M-PESA (Kenya), UPI (India), IMPS (India), Paytm (India), Interac E-Transfer (Canada), Yandex. money (Russia), Alfa cash-in (Russia), Swish (Sweden), Efecty (Columbia), Cardless cash (Australia), PayNow (Singapore), EcoCash (Zimbabwe), and Pingit (United Kingdom).  Users may also create their own customized payment options.

No, buy/sell limits are listed, but minimum amounts per trade exist based on current transaction fees for each specific currency.

Trustpilot rating – 4.6/5

3. Paxful – buy Any amount of Bitcoin Anonymously


Paxful is another peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform with over 300 payment methods.  The functionality is very similar to LocalCryptos.

Payment methods accepted are too numerous to list that are Bank Transfer, Cash, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Cash In-Person,  Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

There is a $1000USD limit on trades without ID verification.  US-based users may be required to submit ID and physical address verification in order to comply with IRS tax code regulations.  The use of a foreign IP address through a VPN service during registration may circumvent the need for such verification.

Trustpilot rating – 2.3/5

4. WallOfCoins


Wallofcoins claims to be the most trusted marketplace on Earth, but that is a subject of no small measure of controversy, according to user reviews on Trustpilot. 

In order to use WallOfCoins, users must allow the site access to their location.  Transactions are conducted through cash or money order deposits to bank accounts, which must be conducted in person as they are required to be completed the day that the order is created. 

If the purpose of this article is to provide resources that one can use to purchase Bitcoin anonymously without providing ID, then appearing in person at a bank should not be considered an option.  Other options include Western Union, wire transfer, and USPS cash by mail.

No limit on purchases of Bitcoin is mentioned. You can buy any amount of Bitcoin without being asked for identity verification.

Trustpilot rating – 1.8/5

5. Bitquick

Bitquick promises completed transactions in three hours or less and offers a very simple user interface.  The site claims to have served almost 100,000 customers with transactions totaling over 58,000 Bitcoin. Since that translates to an average transaction of 1.72413793 Bitcoin ($19757.76USD at the time of writing).

Once again, Bitquick has a location-based payment system identical to WallOfCoins, which nearly eliminates any possibility for anonymous transactions, at least within the US. Here does not recommend this site to users who wish to purchase Bitcoin anonymously, but does note that the site itself requires no photo ID verification to use.

There is a tentative minimum purchase amount of $13.42USD, adjusted to account for transaction fees and a maximum purchase amount of $400 without ID.

Trustpilot rating – 2.9/5

6. LibertyX

LibertyX provides users with a physical retail store and ATM locations where they may deposit cash to purchase Bitcoin, as opposed to the usual location-based service offering of banks and/or money order companies.  Since it is nearly impossible to make such purchases without potentially being identified, Here does not recommend this size or type of service to users wishing to purchase Bitcoin anonymously, but notes that the site itself does not require photo ID.  Remember, all ATMs have cameras and your credit/debit cards are linked to your identity unless they are prepaid.

Payments for purchases are made as cash deposits in person at participating retail stores and LibertyX ATMs in the user’s area based on GPS location information obtained by the site.

No purchase limits are mentioned on the site, but there is a $4.95 transaction fee for deposits at certain retail stores (the site specifically mentioned “chains such as CVS Pharmacy and Rite-Aid”).

Trustpilot rating – 0/5

7. Bisq – buy Any amount of Bitcoin Anonymously


Bisq is a downloadable application for PC users on Windows, Ubuntu/Debian, MacOS, and Arch Linux that provides a peer-to-peer, fiat-to-crypto currency trading platform through the Tor Network with no registration required.  Users who are familiar with Tor will understand how this contributes to privacy and anonymity. 

For those of you who are not acquainted with the Tor Network, it is an encrypted network that makes up the largely unknown majority of the internet.  User anonymity is the central focus of The Onion Repository, identified by “.onion” web links that require a Tor-enabled browser to access, though Bisq does not require such a browser itself as it provides Tor connectivity natively by creating a node when it is launched.  If all of that was extremely confusing, you won’t fear: no understanding of Tor is necessary to use Bisq.

Payment methods accepted are determined by individual sellers and include: AdvCash, AliPay, Altcoins, Altcoins Instant, cash deposit, Chase Quick Pay, face-to-face (in-person), “Faster Payments”, HalCash, Interac e-Transfer, Japan Bank Furikomi, MoneyBeam (N26), MoneyGram, national bank transfer, PerfectMoney, PopMoney, PromptPay, Revolut, transfer with the same bank, SEPA, SEPA Instant Payments, transfers with specific banks, Swish, Uphold, US Postal money order, WeChat Pay, Western Union, Zelle (ClearXChange).

In case, there is no registration process, there is no limit on trade amounts.  You ventures to assert that Bisq is the most secure, anonymous, privacy-respecting option on this list because trades are peer-to-peer and it is impossible to know who one is dealing with, caution should be exercised.

Trustpilot rating – 4.1/5

8. Mycelium Local Trader – buy Any amount of Bitcoin Anonymously

Mycelium Local Trader is available through the MyCelium Wallet mobile application for Android/IOS.  Users can also go to “settings” and allow MyCelium to run on the Tor Network through Orbot (which must be downloaded and installed separately).  This may slow down the app, but it provides a great deal more privacy and security.  MyCelium Wallet also offers four miner fee settings for Bitcoin: low-priority, economic, normal, and priority: this allows users to determine how much they lose in miner fees based on how quickly they want transactions confirmed on the blockchain.

Payment methods accepted are credit card, SEPA, MyCelium Marketplace (location-based peer-to-peer trading).

Identity verification is not required or provided, so there is no limit on purchases without ID.

Trustpilot rating – 3.6/5

9. Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs, or BATMs, are physical ATM kiosks that allow customers to purchase Bitcoin with cash or a credit card directly from the machine.  In some cases, BATMs also allow customers to sell Bitcoin for cash as well.  This method does not promise much in the way of anonymity because all ATMs have cameras and credit cards are traceable and linked directly to the owner. 

That said, no photo ID is required to use a BATM, allowing those who do not have valid ID to purchase Bitcoin virtually hassle-free.

Payment methods accepted are cash or credit card.

In case, many different companies provide BATMs, the purchase limits will vary.  Also, credit card users may be constrained by one-time/daily/monthly transaction limits and the purchase could be registered as a cash advance by the credit card company or issuing bank/credit union.  Care should be taken to verify these limits before attempting to purchase Bitcoin from a BATM with a credit card.

Trustpilot rating – N/A

9. ChangeNOW

ChangeNOW is a decentralized exchange service that allows users to purchase and exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies without creating an account or providing ID.  The interface is very simple, prices are updated by the minute, and transactions are executed expeditiously with reasonably low fees.  An Android/IOS app is also available.

Payment methods accepted are debit/credit cards and SEPA bank transfer through Simplex account.

The purchase limit for USD transactions is $20,000.  There is no verification required.

Trustpilot rating – 4.8/5

Conclusion – 9 Best ways to buy Bitcoin without ID Anonymously

There are plenty of sites and other methods out there to purchase Bitcoin without ID, though not all of them are truly anonymous. 

This list is far from being all-inclusive, but you may use it as a launch point into research to find the ideal anonymous Bitcoin trading platform for themselves.

Bisq, Mycelium Local Trader, LocalCryptos can be use to buy Bitcoin truly anonymously.

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