21 Best cryptocurrency to buy in 2020

Best cryptocurrency to buy
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Are you looking best cryptocurrency to buy in 2020 that consists of huge potential to grow and succeed in the future ?, So you are in the right place, you will learn the 21 best cryptocurrency to buy now for 2020 as long term investment.

This article will not list here top market cap coins instead of Ethereum. So, if you are looking for low-risk crypto investment, you should watch top market cap coins such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Dash(DASH), Ripple(XRP), Binance Coin(BNB), etc. The following list of coins has high risk compared to the top market cap coins. Also, there is a distinct opportunity to get high ROI in the future.

The article consists of the following cryptocurrency according to our own research and investigation where we have considered some of the important factors such as project vision, coin or token use cases, past performance, development team, and community engagement, etc. 

4 Things to acknowledge before buying any cryptocurrency

01. Do your own research

When you make any investment in cryptocurrency or any kind of asset, you need to study the assets especially when you are looking for a new cryptocurrency project which is not established on the market.

You should learn and understand the cryptocurrency project then, you can invest with confidence.

02. Invest the money that you can afford to lose

When you are making any investment, there is risk losing the money. In this case, you should invest money that you can afford to lose.

Don’t invest the money that is used to pay bills yourself!.

03. Diversify the cryptocurrency portfolio

In this case, you should invest in the various crypto project other than one or two cryptocurrencies. There is huge opportunity to fail and ban some cryptocurrency project because still, the crypto is new to the world, and new kind of regulation impact on cryptocurrency projects.

Also, We do not recommend that investing too many projects, definitely should be less than 10 cryptos because, it is not easy to track project development, and what’s going on each project.

04. Don’t keep cryptocurrency on an exchange

Keeping cryptocurrency on exchanges is not safe because there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchange hacks in history and a lot of user’s cryptos were stolen.

If are you want to buy and hold, please use a personal wallet that allows the exporting private key or recovery phrase.

Hardware wallets are the best option to keep cryptocurrency funds secure, in case you will watch the Ledger, Trezor, etc.

If you want to know best cryptocurrency wallets refer the article that list and explains the 15 best Bitcoin wallets and 18 best Ethereum wallets

21 Best cryptocurrency to buy in 2020

The article has divided the whole list into 6 different categories which are blockchain and smart contracts, payment ecosystems, cryptocurrency ecosystems, defi projects, and other interesting cryptocurrency projects.

First, take a look, best blockchain and smart contract related cryptocurrency projects,

Blockchain and Smart contracts – Best cryptocurrency to buy

01. Ethereum – a decentralized world computer

Ethereum is a global, open-source, decentralized smart contract platform powered by blockchain technology which is founded back in 2015 by Vitalic Buterin.

Ethereum blockchain can be used to build and power the decentralized financial applications, crowdfunding ICOs, prediction markets, payment systems, decentralized exchanges, blockchain games and collectibles, governance protocols, etc.

In 2020, there are major updates will happen such as sharding integration, proof of stake, new virtual machine improvements, etc. This major update is known as Eth 2.0 or Serenity which will solve some major issues faced by the Ethereum blockchain.

Buy Ethereum(ETH) on Coinbase or Cex.io

02. Fantom – The nervous system for smart living

Fantom is a DAG (direct acyclic graph) based smart contract platform that solves the scalability issues of the existing distributed ledger technologies.

Fantom transactions are instant with near-zero transaction fee which will handle 24000 TPS already tested with established nodes where performance achieved by integrating the Lachesis protocol into the Fantom opera chain.

Fantom will be used in smart cities, government services, financial services, educations, the renewable energy sector, the traffic management healthcare industry, etc.

Fantom foundation based in South Korea with a highly experienced team near future, Fantom main net will be released.

Buy Fantom(FTM) on Binance or Hotbit

03. Tezos – a platform for smart contracts and dapps

Tezos is a new platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Tezos blockchain solves the current governing issues faced by the current existing blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc which helps to keep the community together.

They have more than 30,000 active community and there are so many Tezos related organizations such as

Tezos is proof of stake coin which enables the staking the Tezos currently in Coinbase custody service enables staking for institutional-grade investors.

Buy Tezos(XTZ) On Coinbase Pro or Cex.io

04. Ontology – a decentralized trust network

Ontology is a high-performance public blockchain and a decentralized trust network. Ontology builds the three apps to redefine decentralized trust which are ONT ID, ONTO, and DDXF.

ONT ID is a decentralized ID framework, ONTO is wallet service where you can manage the digital assets safely. DDXF is a decentralized data exchange and collaboration framework.

Ontology consists of two coins which are Ontology(ONT) and Ontology Gas(ONG) where you will earn ONG coin staking ONT coin for that you need a higher amount of ONT coin and also, you can redeem little ONG holding any amount of ONT.

And also, Ontology consists of an excellent team and community and partners.

Buy Ontology(ONT) on Binance or Cex.io

05. Ravencoin – a blockchain for peer to peer assets

Ravencoin is an open-source, peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency forked from the Bitcoin which consists of creating, issues, transferring digital assets on Raven blockchain. These assets can be representing company share, virtual goods, physical or digital assets or even credits and It can be issued as collectible or as securities.

Ravencoin mining far different than the Bitcoin mining, Raven does not allow ASIC mining through randomizing the hashing algorithm where it avoids centralization of mining but Bitcoin mining can be centralized through these ASIC mining.

Ravencoin has an amazing community and developer community, you can prove that on Ravencoin Github.

Buy Ravencoin(RVN) on Binance or Coinex

06. Energi – a cryptocurrency for world adoption

Energi is the cryptocurrency for world adoption which consists of proof of stake master node, smart contracts, and governing system.

Energi has unique features such masternode, scalability, instant payment, near zero fees etc.

Energi masternode gives huge rewards to the community where you need 10000 NRG coins, nowadays It is too expensive the starting new masternode.

Energi self-funding treasury gives confidence to the Energi development and it will ensure the rapid growth of the Energi ecosystem.

Buy Energi(NRG) on Kucoin or Digifinex

Payment ecosystems – Best cryptocurrency to buy

07. Reserve protocol – a decentralized global reserve currency

Reserve protocol is a decentralized stable coin system which is stabilized the Reserve token (or RSV token). There is are three cryptos available which are Reserve Rights (RSR token), Reserve Token and Collateral tokens.

Initially, Reserve token is stable coin pegged to US dollar. Reserve Rights token price fluctuates and primary function is governing the RSV token. Collateral tokens consist of tokenized assets, currencies, commodities and bonds.

Long term vision is becoming the global reserve currency used for payment, cross border payment, online merchant payments, etc.

The team consists of top people who were worked in top companies such as Google, IBM, Tesla, OpenAI, etc.

The project was fund by top Silicon Valley investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Peter Thiel one of the co-founders PayPal, Sam Altman and many more.

The main net and Mobile payment app will be released next year.

Buy RSR token on Huobi or Gate.io

08. Dash – privacy-focused cryptocurrency for instant payments

Dash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency for instant payments with high speed, near-zero transaction fees.

Dash can be used to pay a cup of coffee, utility bills, and airline tickets with ease and no waiting time currently its accepts over 4800 plus merchants and vendors such as Overstock, CheapOair, Mobile Topup, etc.

Dash protocol consists of two layers where layer one consists of proof of work consensus mechanism where miners perform the Dash sending, receiving and double-spending issues. 

The second layer consists of proof of stake consensus mechanism which enables special features such as InstantSend, PrivateSend, and Username feature.

Dash is a masternode coin where you can start a masternode to power the dash network. The dash will incentivize the masternode operators rewarding the Dash coin over time. You should be collateralized 1000 Dash coin to start a new Dash masternode, currently, it is a heavy investment.

Buy Dash coin(DASH) on Binance or Coinbase Pro

09. OmiseGO – instant peer to peer transactions

OmiseGO network enables instant peer to peer transactions in real-time, facilitating financial services across globally, asset classes and applications.

OmiseGO enables people to send money globally with the low transaction, instant and decentralized ways.

Currently, OmiseGO has some exciting partnerships such as Burger King Thailand, Shinhancard, Hoard exchange and it gets popular in southeast Asia.

OmiseGO eWallet is designed for businesses to easily integrate solutions and connect their customers to the digital marketplace.

OmiseGO consists of the 40 plus technological and financial professionals and active community.

Buy OmiseGO(OMG) on Binance or Huobi

Cryptocurrency ecosystems – best cryptocurrency to buy

10. Ren – Liquidity, unchained

Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain that is formerly known as the Republic Protocol.

Ren primarily solves the interoperability and privacy issues facing current decentralized applications. These issues solve through the RenVM that consists of secure and private decentralized dark nodes. As an example you can’t trade Bitcoin on Ethereum based decentralized applications without relying on the third party, in this case, Ren enables connecting cross blockchains with securely and private manner and it brings new kind of liquidity into the existing ecosystem.

RenVM is powered by the dark nodes which are decentralized and spread over the world and anyone can become the node. Darknode operators will earn the fees powering the nodes. To become a node operator, you need to buy 100,000 REN tokens and stake as collateral and VPS running the REN dark node software.

Ren allows the integrating existing decentralized applications; the Value of REN token will increase over time integrating more decentralized applications.

Buy REN token on Binance or Houbi

11. Chainlink – a decentralized oracle network

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchain-based smart contracts to external payment networks, data, and real-world events.

In traditional smart contract needs reliable middleware to connect external data, payment networks, and real-world events. There is a huge risk to failure the middleware where the solution is a secure, decentralized oracle network that provides the Chainlink.

Chainlink project has partnered with top companies such as Google, Oracle, SWIFT, Gartner to build next-generation enterprise-grade oracle networks.

Chainlink has a top management team as wells as the tech team.

Buy Chainlink(LINK) on Binance or Cex.io

12. Basic Attention Token (or BAT) – a decentralized digital advertising ecosystem

Basic Attention Token consists of an attention-based digital advertising platform on Ethereum blockchain where attention measures through inbuilt ledger system and compensating the users the unit of BAT.

If you are more interested about the project, refer to What is Basic Attention Token.

Buy BAT token on Coinbase or Binance

13. Elastos – a blockchain-based internet infrastructure

Elastos is a decentralized, blockchain-based internet infrastructure where infrastructure includes developer tools such as runtime, carrier, did, hive, mainchain, side chain, consensus, and ELA token. These technological tools can be used to build secure, amazing decentralized applications with any programing language.

Elastos consists of open source code where anyone can contribute the code and build new kinds of applications.

Elastos has established a community organization to govern the future of Elastos which is called the Cyber Republic.

Elastos includes the top-notch development team of over 100 people. Elastos consists of a good community providing frequent updates, news, etc.

Buy Elastos(ELA) on Huobi or Coinex

14. Enigma – a secure computational protocol

Enigma is a secure computational protocol where the Enigma secrete node of the network performs computation over the encrypted data with complete privacy.

Ultimately Enigma will enable secret and privacy-focused smart contracts, secret voting, dapps and crowdfunding and even secret auctions.

Engima secret performs the computation over Enigma virtual machine which is using web assembly, it enables developers to work with any programing language.

Enigma consists of an amazing community and developer team.

Buy Enigma(ENG) on Binance or Hotbit

15. Quant – a cryptocurrency ecosystem

Quant is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is developing Overledger, and Goverify.

Overlegder is a blockchain-based operating system that allows developers to connect various blockchain each other and connects to the external networks and also, it facilitates the creation of internet-scale multi-chain applications.

Goverify allows users to verify and check legitimacy email, SMS, and phone calls receive from the companies.

Currently, Quant has partnered with Oracle, Amazon Web Service, Hyperledger, Nvidia, etc.

Buy Quant(QNT) on Hotbit

Decentralized exchange protocols – best cryptocurrency to buy

16. Kyber Network – a decentralized, on-chain liquidity protocol

Kyber protocol is a decentralized, on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from a wide range of reserves, powering instant and security token exchange in any decentralized application.

Currently, Kyber protocol has integrated as instant swapping in many popular wallet services provides such as MyEtherWallet, Enjin Wallet, imToken wallet, Trust wallet, etc.

Kyber Network enables the business to accept cryptocurrency payment with any token listed in Kyber Network where Kyber Network enables customers and vendors to pay and receive payments in their token of choice. Currently, the Kyber protocol implemented in Wisepass, Hodlemoon, and Decentraland and few.

Buy KNC on Binance or Gate.io

17. 0x protocol – Ethereum based peer to peer asset exchange

0x is an open protocol built on Ethereum blockchain which enables the peer to peer assets exchange. 0x supports any kind of assets exchange such as digital currencies, virtual gaming items, and collectibles.

0x consists of some amazing products such as 0x instant, Asset Swapper, 0x launch kit, 0x Governance.

There are 30+ apps built using 0x protocol such as Ethfinex, Radar, Paradex, etc.

Buy 0x token(ZRX) on Binance or Coinbase Pro

Other best cryptos – best cryptocurrency to buy

18. Theta Network – a decentralized video streaming platform

Theta Network is a decentralized, video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology.

Primarily Theta Network consists of two key things which are Theta video delivery network and Theta blockchain. Theta video delivery network is responsible for the best delivery the video streaming and the Theta blockchain responsible for the transaction happened on Theta network.

Theta network enables high-quality video streaming, viewers rewarding with Theta fuel, cut the cost of video delivering and It fix the current video streaming issues.

Theta network consists of the professional team members and professional advisers from top companies.

Buy Theta(THETA) on Binance or Hotbit

19. Enjin – a blockchain gaming ecosystem

Enjin is the Ethereum base cryptocurrency token which is used to directly back the value of blockchain assets.

Enjin develops the complete blockchain gaming ecosystem which includes Blockchain Unity Engine SDK, Godot Engine SDK, Eenjin Platform API, Wallet Daemon, Enjin developer portal, Developer chain API, Explorer, Dapp browser, etc.

Enjin price skyrockets due to announcing the Enjin wallet natively integrating into the Samsun S10 smartphone. 

Enjin wallet is available for iOS and Android which supports ERC 20 tokens as well Bitcoin, Ethereum, many more.

Buy Enjin(ENJ) on Binance or Changelly

20. Augur – a decentralized prediction market

Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market created on top of the Ethereum blockchain where anyone can create the market on anything with the goal of predicting the outcome of that event.

Augur is completely open-source and anyone can contribute to the Augur protocol.

REP is used for reporting on and disputing the outcomes of events.

Buy Augur(REP) on Binance or Coinbase Pro

Defi ecosystems – Best cryptocurrency to buy

21. Maker – decentralized credit platform on Ethereum

Maker is a decentralized credit platform on the Ethereum blockchain that is consists of a stable coin system. The platform consists of two coins which are Dai(DAI)and Maker(MKR). Dai is USD pegged decentralized stable coin backed by the collateralizing cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, DAI, Basic Attention Token, Augur, ZRX token.

MKR token is used to vote on the maker governance protocol other than pay the stability fees on the CDP repayment. Also, Repayment MKR burns, therefore supply is reduced with popularity.

Maker has the governance protocol to govern the ecosystem with the help of the MKR asset.

There are few products have developed right now for strengthening the ecosystem and the community builds a lot of products already. Oasis provides such an amazing interface to facilitate the platform functionalities to trade, borrow, and save Dai.

Buy Maker(MKR) on Binance or Coinbase Pro

Conclusion – Best cryptocurrency to buy

In this guide, you can review the 21 best cryptocurrency to buy for 2020 as long term investment.  The article has included a brief introduction about each and every project as clear as possible and some of the safest exchanges to buy the particular token or coin.

This guide will update time to time and add, remove, coins whenever notice the project doing the wrong things or underperforming.

Disclaimer, please do your own research before making any investment and this is not investment advice.

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