Best cryptocurrency resources for beginners 2020

Best cryptocurrency resources 2019
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This article going to bring you the best cryptocurrency resources that exist in the current industry for beginners as well as others. If someone wants to learn about cryptocurrency or blockchain technologies then who need these resources every day to update, monitor, engage and taking investment decisions as well.Day by day the industry being updated and this article consists of date resources.

The cryptocurrency resources for beginners 2019 consist of top cryptocurrency websites, influences, resources persons, top YouTubers who bring great content. These resources are clearly legitimate and tested resources. Let’s dive in,

Top coins/tokens tracking sites

Under this topic, you can see up to date cryptocurrency/tokens information directories which are the best and most popular websites. This is a top cryptocurrency resource for beginners when they enter to the cryptocurrency industry.

best cryptocurrency resources 2019-coinmarketcap

01. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular cryptocurrency price trackers, information databases out there which is recently developed the Android and iOS apps. It provides updated coin/tokens prices and rank, 24-hour trading volume, circulation supply, total supply, market capitalization, price chart, listed exchanges, social media accounts, historical data, etc. The website provides API services for application developers.


Coingecko provides updated coins/tokens prices, 24-hour trading volume, available supply, social media accounts, charts, market capitalization, exchange details, etc. This website price is little different than actual prices of the low cap coins/tokens. Also, This website is providing iOS and Android apps

03. Coin360

This website visualizes the coins/tokens data in a special way according to the coin’s/token’s market capitalizations. Coins/tokens prices are showing real time. It provides updated coin/tokens prices and rank, 24-hour trading volume, circulation supply, total supply, market capitalization, price chart, listed exchanges, social media, historical data of the trading data, etc.


The main feature of the website is to provide real-time price and trading data where you can set time of price refresh from 2s to 1 minute. It provides updated coin/tokens prices and rank, 24-hour trading volume, circulation supply, total supply, market capitalization, price chart, listed exchanges, historical data of the trading data, etc.


This website also, provide same service as above websites where interface is good and easy surfing.

Cryptocurrency news and updates websites

In this section brings most popular news/updates websites in cryptocurrency sphere.

best cryptocurrency resources 2019-coindesk


This website is founded in 2013 which provide cryptocurrency news, price and market analysis, interviews, cryptocurrency guides, blockchain guides and use cases, etc.


Coindesk is one of the most popular website media outlet which was founded in 2013. The website provides a wide range of services such as blockchain guides, cryptocurrency industry news, price analysis, market updates, etc.


CCN also, popular cryptocurrency news outlet which is mainly provided US-based cryptocurrency news, market updates, political updates related to market impact, etc. Also, this website was founded in 2013.


This website provides amazing contents related to bitcoin news and analysis, cryptocurrency news, blockchain guides, market updates, etc. This website was founded in 2013.


Bitcoinist also, provide awesome content related to news,analysis, teaching blockchain, market updates etc which was founded in 2013

Popular Forums/Chat groups

In this section bring popular and major cryptocurrency forums and chat groups.

best cryptocurrency resources 2019-bitcointalk


BitcoinTalk is the most popular forum related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussions. There are a lot of topics such as bitcoin development, Announcements, altcoin discussions, altcoin announcement, etc. This is a major community forum for beginners as well as every crypto enthusiasts used daily bass.

02. forum

This forum is also, reputable forum among cryptocurrency enthusisats as well as good for beginners. The website provide bitcoin related discussions, bitcoin related development and technical discussions, mining discussions etc.


This telegram group has many cryptocurrency pros who discuss the current market updates, trading updates, news, etc. There are nearly 17500 members.

04. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners

This a Facebook group that provides numerous help to beginners teach about cryptocurrency, trading advice, market updates, news, etc. There are a lot of good members who willing to help newcomers to the industry.

Best cryptocurrency twitter influences to follow

Under this heading you can see active and trusted twitter influence who are own thousands of followers.

best cryptocurrency resources 2019-vitalik buterin

01.Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum opensource blockchain software. He provides updates on Ethereum, market opinions, and public opinions, etc.

02. Jameson Lopp

He is provide bitcoin and altcoin market updates, opinions etc.

03. Charlie Lee

He is founder of Litecoin, and provides market updates, public speeches, opinions etc.

04. Trace Mayer

He provides market opinions, updates etc.

05. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

He is author, influencer, public speaker related to cryptocurrency and blockchain out there, who bring market updates, guides, opinions, etc.

06. Erik Voorhees

He is CEO of Shapeshift cryptocurrency exchange who provides market updates and opinions, new, etc related to cryptocurrency.

07. Brian Armstrong

He is co-founder and CEO of Coinbase exchange who provides updates, opinions, related to cryptocurrency.

08. Beastlorion

He provides crypto charts, trading opinions, market updates actively.

09. Tuur Demeester

He is founding Partner Adamant Capital who provide market updates and opinions.

10. Laura Shin

She is cryptocurrency journalist who provides interviewing of cryptocurrency pros.

11. Michael Novogratz

He is BTC lover and provide public opinions.

12. John McAfee

He is the most popular cryptocurrency enthusiast and programmer and founder of McAfee virus guard. But please be avoid his opinion.

Best YouTube channels to subscribe

Here active youtube channels who bring legitimate stuff of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

chico crypto

01. Crypt0 

Channel bring cryptocurrency content such as guides, market updates, opinions, etc. Videos are very useful for the beginner as well as pros.

02. DataDash

This guy brings very valuable content daily basis such as price analysis, market updates, market trends, and guider cryptocurrency trading. You can find technical analysis basics, trading basics guides as well

03. Ivan on Tech

This guy brings blockchain guides, blockchain projects, programming guides, etc. He is a public speaker who speaks about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

04.Chico Crypto

This guy brings good content about cryptocurrency market updates, price analysis, opinions, etc were the best thing is investigating the scam and frauds involved with cryptocurrency.

Top cryptocurrency subreddits

Under this topic provides most popular subreddits currently in the reddit website.

Subreddit bitcoin

01. Bitcoin

This subreddit is the most popular one among other subreddit. Group mainly focus on Bitcoin technology, daily cryptocurrency discussions, development discussions, etc.

02. CryptoCurrency

CryptoCurrency subreddit talk about cryptocurrency discussions, price discussions, development discussions, and many more topics.

03. Ethtrader

This subreddit mainly focus on Ethereum cryptocurrency updates, news, developments, etc but You can see cryptocurrency and blockchain related topics.

04. Altcoin

This subreddit mainly focus on major altcoins discussions such as Ethereum, Neo, Ripple, Steller, Ontology, Lisk, Ardor, etc.

06. CryptoMarkets

This subreddit bring cryptocurrency trading guides, technical analysis, price analysis which is good resources for traders and beginners to learn to trade and taking market updates.

ICO/IEO Listing Websites

Here provides list of ICO/IEO rating websites and Industry are being used.


01. Icobench

Icobench is major ICO/IEO rating website where thousands of projects were listed on the website. There are a lot of ICO advisers who are rated the listed project. Also, You can see past projects, Ongoing projects, etc.

02. Coinschedule

This is cryptocurrency rating website however ICO/IEOs are being rated. Website is still in beta stage.

03. Icomarks

This website also listed thousands of ICO/IEO projects and rated. The rating score depends on the project performance and not being rated by the community or ICO/IEO advisers.

04. Trackico

This website also listed a lot of ICO/IEOs which are being rated by the provide information of the project team. Be careful taking the decisions using this rated score.

05. Icorating

This is rating agency and ICO/IEOs are rated by the individual team.

Airdrop/Bounty listings websites

In this section brings the most popular airdrops and bounty listing site which are widely used by the cryptocurrency community and good resources for beginners.

01. brings a lot of airdrops opportunities currently undergoing along the market and lot of airdrops are legitimate airdrops.


This website brings lot of airdrop oppotunities as well.

03. Bounty thread

If you want to involve with ICO project bounty announcement, look this bounty thread on the website. There are hundreds of bounties are being listed.

04. Bountiesalert

This website provides good and curated bounty opportunities. Check out for updated bounties to earn some good crypto or token for free.

Conclusion – best cryptocurrency resources

This article discusses the best cryptocurrency resources for beginners. The content is represented as the most reliable and trusted services that used by cryptocurrency pros.

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